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Version History

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Changes in v1.4 (September 16, 2008):

  • Fixed a bug that caused a "script error" when the high score table for a given level was empty.

Changes in v1.3 (June 13, 2007):

  • The game now changes the displays resolution to the maximum resolution possible (either 1024x768 or 800x600) by the game on the current system, if it can. This makes the game larger and takes true advantage of the being "full screen".
  • Fixed typo in Mudcraft site URL displayed below main menu.
  • Tweaked the level of difficulty on the first few levels to make them slightly easier to accommodate newbie players (particularly level 2.)
  • Changed the grass/background texture.
  • You can now plant flowers, build temples, build castles, etc. once you earn the ability to do so on the first level of difficulty. Therefore, when you play later levels of difficulty, you have these build options available to you from the first level onward. This opens several new options of gameplay on the early levels at higher levels of difficulty.
  • Reduced the activation price to $9.95!

Changes in v1.2 (November 25, 2006):

  • Fixed bug in v1.1 that often sometimes the game to go into infinite loop (beeping) when returning to menu after playing.
  • Repositioned tool tips on the minimap to not obstruct the resource counter.
  • Tweaked the timing on how quickly the drag select begins and contextual menu comes up.
  • When visiting an external web site (such as the high score table or the mudcraft website), the game screen now minimizes.

Changes in v1.1 (November 20, 2006):

  • Fixed bug that resulted in both water and dirt being dropped when mud people were told to drop the resource they were currently carrying at the mud pit.
  • Version number now displays on loading screen.
  • Available build options now always appear in the contextual popup menu, even when there is no space to build the option in the selected location on the ground. If the item is selected, the mud person will move to the location and state that there is no room to build there. This was a modification based on user request.
  • Removed ability to plant flowers on the levels before the feature is introduced.
  • Added "date-based bonus" to scoring system.
  • Highscores can now be viewed directly within the game at the end of each level.
  • Added tool-tip popup help on the interface elements contained within the game screen.
  • When you click on the dirt icon or water icon above the minimap, the selected mud people will now gather dirt or gather water, respectively.
  • When you click to exit all from hut, it will not stop the mud people that are still on the way to the hut so they will not enter.

Changes in v1.01 (August 2, 2006):

  • Right-clicking on the mud icon in the lower left now selects all the mud people in the world. Left-clicking still cycles through the idle mud people.
  • Right-clicking on the hut icon in the lower left now prompts all the mud people that are in huts to exit the huts.
  • When a mud person melts or dries, they are no longer removed from selection groups.
  • The Hint for level 3 was rewritten to explain better how to plant and water flowers.

Final 1.0 Game Released based on v.69!!!

Changes in v.69 (June 30, 2006):

  • The game now tracks player stats and does not require a level code to return to levels played before.
  • Added "easy", "medium", and "expert" play modes with corresponding increasing difficulty (mostly related to frequency of weather hazards.) The difficulty in previous versions corresponds with the "easy" play mode.
  • Adding a "status" system. Players increase in status every 5 levels. There are 10 levels of status total.
  • Significantly modified the "Play Game" section of the main menu to support new player tracking system.
  • You no longer have to provide a name each time you get a high score. The name used is based on the current player account setup at the beginning of play.
  • Added activation system to unlock full game.
  • Added ability to plant and water flowers.
  • Flowers now maintain their own resources and do not draw off of nearest pond (as does the cattails and shrubs), hence the need to water them.
  • Modified how score is computed to account for living flowers.
  • Added indicator icons on the minimap to show location of rain and sun just before it enters the area to give player (a bit more) time to react.
  • Added 3 brand new levels, modified several previous levels, and resequenced the levels.
  • Graphics system was redesigned to significantly reduce the download time of the game. The file size was reduced by more than 10 MB!!!
  • Added proximity select, that is, when you click on the ground near a mud person, the game assumes you meant to click on the mud person and he/she is selected.
  • Changed pathfinding on mud people to always go to the closest drop-off side on a mudpit or gathering side on a pond rather than "randomly" selecting the side.
  • When a mud person needs to get dirt or water prior to reviving a melted or dried mudperson, the mud person will now select the resource that is the combined shortest path from themselves to the resource to the mud person in need of reviving, rather than just picked the closest resource to themselves.
  • When you click on a melted or dried mud person, they now give a cry out for help and show the selection circle. This was done to clue players in that the mud person is not yet dead and he or she can be revived.
  • Melted and dried mud people now occassionally blink.
  • Standing mud people who are not facing forward, turn to face forward after a little while. They also occassionally blink.
  • The tutorial was rewritten to explain the control system in more simpler terms, as well as describe how to revive a melted mud person (which was added to level 1.)
  • Modified popup menu to not show "form hut" or "form castle" if there is not room to make it in the present location.
  • You can no longer build a structure on top of a mud person just standing on the grass (previously they could get stuck once the structure was built.)
  • Changed drag-selection box to be yellow and thicker to increase visual prominance.
  • Clicking on the mud person indicator in the lower-left of the screen now cycles between the idle (non-moving) mud people rather than selecting all the mud people. You can still select all the mud people but using "SHIFT-a". As before, pressing "a" by itself will select the mud people in the current view.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when you released drag select within minimap (bug was that the map moved as if you clicked in the minimap.)
  • Fixed bug in drag select that made it not responsive at times.
  • Sticks now drop on early levels in free play mode.
  • Can now specify if you want severe weather in free play mode or not.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Changes in v.68 (September 3, 2005):

  • Drag select is now more responsive
  • You can now double-click on a mud person to select all the mud people on the screen
  • Added full-screen mode for downloadable version in three resolutions
  • Adjusted screen size of web version to be more easily viewable on 800x600 resolution screens.
  • Added Prefs to main menu to give player control over which resolution to use (game defaults to the maximum.)
  • Web version now contains all the same levels as the downloadable version (currently 12.)
  • Mudcraft T-shirt now available!

Changes in v.67 (May 15, 2005):

  • Added a confirmation dialog when you choose to quit the game and return to the menu.
  • Mudpeople in the dirtmound now go to the hut when you hit the "go to hut" button.
  • Added a menubar with a Quit option.
  • Adjusted bottom of screen buttons on level introductions to be a bit higher on screen for 800x600 players.
  • Made "RETURN" do the default option ("play") on the level introduction screens.
  • Added message at game startup that recommends resolution above 800x600.
  • Modified the up/down/left/right mouse-based map scrolling to be based off the edge of the screen rather than the edge of the game area.

Changes in v.66 (April 2, 2005):

  • Modified "revive" command so if you select a group of mud people and tell them to revive, they will do so in a more intelligent fashion (ie. they won't all try to revive the same person.)
  • Adjusted turtles and frogs to not "hang out" outside of huts and castles waiting for mud people to exit.
  • Fixed a sound glitch where the mudpeople would say "hut" when they met "castle" and vice versa.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where the lightning and beam of light from the sky would move away from the landmark it was related to if the viewport was moved to another part of the map.
  • Tweaked the intro graphics for level 8.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in v.65 (March 27, 2005):

  • Added turtles which squish stationary mudpeople
  • Added firepits which light when the sun passes over them and go out when rained on
  • Added ability to sun dance to bring sun to firepits
  • Added ability to douse fires by spitting water on lit firepit
  • Added the ability to light sticks to create torches
  • Added additional plants to world
  • Added hints to the beginning of every level
  • Added mud castle construction
  • Added ability to remove huts and castles
  • Redesigned level 6, 7, and 8
  • Created new levels 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Added "free play" mode capability
  • Added more audio phrases for mud people
  • Many interface tweaks and much gameplay polishing
  • Optimized code to run faster
  • Added a "quit" option to the main menu

Changes in v.64 (February 4, 2005):

  • The ground now scrolls with the rest of the world.
  • Added more instructions on how to revive mudpit at th beginning of Level 4.
  • The right-click-and-hold popup menu turns off when the end of level objective is met to prevent a visual glitch on the victory screen (in extreme rare cases.)
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in v.63 (January 24, 2005):

  • Updated the instructions to mention the frogs
  • A few minor bug fixes
  • Added downloadable version

Changes in v.62 (January 23, 2005):

  • Level balancing
  • Fixed a bug that occassionally caused the game to crash
  • Updated copyright notice
  • Updated instructions
  • Optimized file size for web download
  • Updated the web site (high scores, instructions, etc..) to reflect the new version

Changes in v.61 (January 22, 2005):

  • Added dead mudpits
  • Added ability to call bolt on dead mudpits to form empty pit (without mud)
  • Added ability to fill empty pit with mud using three mud people to form a new mud pit
  • Modified code to support multiple mud pits
  • Modified mud pit resource indicator (above minimap) to show resources from most recently selected mud pit
  • Modified RETURN key jump to mud pit functionality to jump to most recently selected mud pit
  • Mud people now group up when exiting a hut based on what they are holding (water, dirt, nothing)
  • Added ability to right click on minimap to send selected mud people to respective location on the map.
  • Added sun ray which dries out mud people
  • Added ability to revive dried out mud people with water
  • Rain now revives dried out mud people and sun now revives melted mud people automatically (when it passed over the respective person.)
  • Multiple mud people now form up in a semi formation when they reach a location rather than bunching up
  • Added "g" hot key for generic gather (mud people semi-smartly divide up between dirt and water)
  • Added ability to set a waypoint (initial action) for a mud person to take after being born at a mud pit.
  • Many under the hood tweaks and much polishing
  • Created level 5, 6, 7, 8

Changes in v.60 (January 5, 2005):

  • The radial popup menu (right-click-and-hold menu) now shows a representation of the action in the middle, such as where the hut will be built.
  • You can now click on rain to select what is behind it (previously rain blocked selecting objects below it.)
  • Modified the minimap display to be higher resolution and more accurate.
  • Adjusted all levels to be the proper aspect ratio for the mini-map.
  • Added the frog.
  • Rebalanced scoring across all levels.

Changes in v.59 (December 22, 2004):

  • Added ability to group mud people through CTRL-groups to direct them all at once (drag select a group of mud people, then press CTRL-1,2,3,... to set group. The just press 1,2,3 to select the group for control.)
  • Fixed selection so SHIFT always adds to a selection of mud people (SHIFT-drag, SHIFT-click, SHIFT-a, SHIFT-1, etc...)
  • Add "Strategy Details" to instructions to help people understand how the score is computed.
  • Expanded instructions and intro menu details.
  • Tweaked the scoring mechanism a bit to try and balance the top-score range across each level (get ready for some new highscores...)

Changes in v.58 (December 13, 2004):

  • Now track high scores by week, month, and year
  • Can now select dried up ponds and dead dirt holes to see that they are in fact empty.
  • Plant life is now tied to their closest water source (as the water source runs out of water, the plants die ... they come back to life when water returns.)

Changes in v.57 (December 10, 2004):

  • Link to web site added to opening menu and added a link to the high score table from the level victory screens.
  • Modified the menu and in-game instructions

Changes in v.56 (December 7, 2004):

  • Broke apart game code from graphics and audio so the game would load quicker and then load the graphics and sound in the background while you watch the intro. User may have to wait when starting a new game if graphics and sound are not downloaded by the time they begin the game (depending on the speed of their Internet connection.)
  • Added new music for level 3 and level 4
  • Adding sound for "mud magic" actions
  • Adding hand waving graphic on call bolt
  • Polished various graphics, sounds, and interface
  • Level balancing
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes in v.55 (December 5, 2004):

  • Add check for old version of Shockwave ... also made the game fairly backward compatible with the Shockwave 8.5 player, though it crashes fairly often in this old player.
  • Level balancing of the two new levels
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Now shows who scored top score at the end of each level

Changes in v.54 (December 5, 2004):

  • The game now tracks high scores per level and displays the top score at the end of each level. If you achieve a high score (top 10 score), you can enter your name to be added to the high score table, shown on the mudcraft.com website

Changes in v.53 (December 3, 2004):

  • Made the dirt hole visually display as it nears collapse.
  • Add rain dance animation
  • Add level setup and end screens for level 3 and level 4
  • Add continue option to main menu so you can begin right at certain level once you claim the level code (by beating the previous level.)

Changes in v.52 (November 28, 2004):

  • Added lightning and cloud effects "call rain" and "call bolt".
  • Redesigned level loader to allow more detailed level designs and make it more flexible for the future.
  • Implemented two new levels (Level 3 and Level 4)

Changes in v.51 (November 25, 2004):

  • Added "mystic stick" that mud people can pick up to gain additional powers, including
    • Call Rain - mud person with a stick can perform a rain dance that will bring rain to help refill a pond.
    • Call (lighting) Bolt - mud person with a stick can plant the stick on top of a collapsed dirt hole to call lightning, which will reform the dirt hole.
  • In both cases, when a mud person performs an action with a stick, they unfortunately pay the ultimate price by barring the brunt of the lightning strike.
  • The sticks appear in the environment by falling to ground on certain levels (planned for level 3 and above)
  • Made the pond visually display as it is drying up.
  • All rain now adds water to ponds as it passes over them ... you would think that logically it would add water to the mud base as well, but strangely, it does not. It is a game balancing issue. :-)

Changes in v.50 (October 21, 2004):

  • Made level 1 and level 2 easier based on feedback from players.
  • Modified the intro animation to fix a visual glitch in the "mud bubbles"

Changes in v.49 (October 9, 2004):

  • New features:
    • When selecting the mud base or pond, the mud person now moves to the closest side on their first trip there.
    • If you select a male and a female mud person and tell them to do something, they both with voice what they are doing (rather than just one or the other.) Only one of each gender will voice the action if selected more than one from each gender.
    • Updated to Director MX 2004 base engine
  • Bug fixes:
    • Level timer now pauses when game is paused.
    • Fixed audio overlap problem that occured in some instances.
    • Fixed screen artifact problem that happened when you changed away from the browser window and returned.

Changes in v.48 (September 2, 2004):

  • New features:
    • "a" hot key now just selects all the mudpeople in the current view area (not all mud people everywhere.) Clicking the mudperson icon in the lower-left still selects all mudpeople.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Tutorial now properly says "form hut" instead of "start hut"
    • Game options popup now displays on top of tutorial (instead of behind it)
    • Fixed bug where users could continue to scroll game screen or move game screen by clicking on minimap when game paused (without screen update until unpaused game)

Changes in v.47 (September 1, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Tweaked "revive" audio so only speaks once if multiple mud people selected
    • Give more advanced warning on rain (thunder earlier)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Can no longer place a hut immediately in front of another hut so mud people cannot get in back hut
    • Incomplete huts now melting properly when rained on
    • Last level song stops after end game screen before intro plays again

Changes in v.46 (August 26, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Tweaked collision detection around objects on map
    • Animation for melting mudhut added
    • Hot keys now shown in popup menu graphics
    • End of game screen added after last level
    • Added sound for mudhut melt (in gender of melting piece)
    • Only mudperson that last spoke is now shown in blue on the mini-map (with no flash)
    • Changed scroll down rollover to bottom of game screen to prevent accidentally engaging it while moving to minimap
    • Tweaked performance
    • Play balancing
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix bug where melted hut did not disappear from mini-map

Changes in v.45 (August 24, 2004):

  • New features:
    • A level score is now calculated and shown at the completion of the level
    • A rollover cursor change is now shown in all game menus
    • Adjusted the blink speed of mudpeople on the mini-map
    • Did some level balancing
    • Incomplete Mudhuts (with no roof) now melt one level down if they are rained on
  • Bug fixes:
    • Drag selection now stops when you release the mouse button over the tutorial box.
    • Level intro and summary text is no longer selectable
    • Fixed word wrap issue in end of level summary

Changes in v.44 (August 23, 2004):

  • New features:
    • When a mudperson speaks, they flash on the mini-map
    • Level 1 was redesigned to be simpler for beginner players
    • Modified tutorial wording a bit
    • Added "/5" to hut selection indicator to help players realize a hut can hold 5 mudpeople. (For example, it would say "3/5" if 3 mudpeople were in the hut.)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Right-click on guy that is selected plays double-audio fixed

Changes in v.43 (August 22, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Right-click on mudpit now directs mudperson to drop off their resource if they are carrying any as the default option (rather than move to mudpit)
    • Tutorial was modified to make it clearer what the user should do and what they should just read.
    • Right-clicking on the mudperson icon and hut icon in the lower-left of the screen will function the same as left-clicking.
    • Melted mudpeople are now shown in the mini-map as a blinking dot
    • Optimized code for better performance
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed audio issue where mudperson did not say "no" when washed away by rain (on second pass.)
    • Corrected typo in Tutorial
    • Embedded fonts in the level intro and level end screens

Changes in v.42 (August 20, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Added over 20 new mudpeople sounds to respond to different events in the game
    • Modified some events to play just one audio response even if multiple mud people were selected. For example, when you press the enter hut button now, only one mud person says "enter hut" rather than all of them.
  • Bug fixes:
    • none

Changes in v.41 (August 18, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Shortcut keys are now explained in the in-game instructions
    • Game interface now lists "pause/options" button in upper corner rather than just options to let users know they can use the button to pause the game as well.
    • The visual look of the scroll arrow was modified.
    • Level objective displays are now dynamic so level objectives can be easily tweaked for play balancing without having to regenerate graphics
    • User is given their performance statistics at the end of each level
  • Bug fixes:
    • none

Changes in v.40 (August 15, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Added SPACEBAR hot key to jump to most recent mud person event - useful for jumping immediately to offscreen events such as mud people melting
    • Added RETURN hot key to jump back to mud base.
  • Bug fixes:
    • none

Changes in v.39 (August 14, 2004):

  • New features:
    • A guided tutorial was added to level 1 to teach new players how to play.
    • The default action for right-clicking on melted avatars is now "revive"
    • "x" was added as a keyboard shortcut for empty hut.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed visual glitch that did not show if avatar was holding a resource after exiting hut
    • Fixed bug where sometimes melted people could not be reached for reviving
    • Few other minor bug fixes

Changes in v.38 (August 13, 2004):

  • New features:
    • Users can now scroll the map view by moving the mouse to the edge of the game screen (in addition to using the arrow keys)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Few minor bug fixes

Changes in v.37 (August 10, 2004):

  • Several minor bug fixes and visual tweaks

v.36 was the first playable beta (August 9, 2004)

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