Game Project


Watch out for those fiesty, snowball throwing kids who long for a snow day!

Snow Day


Snow Day is a casual, web-based, 2D scroller game that places the player in the role of a lone snowplow driver charged with freeing a city from a snow storm and preventing a snow day. Snow Day was created purely for entertainment purposes.


Peer Reviewed Awards:

  • 2006 FuturePlay Future Game Talent award for Snow Day (second place)

Peer Reviewed Exhibitions:

  • Defore, J., Shurtliff, J. Liu, Y., and Winn, B. Snow Day. Exhibited at FuturePlay 2006 International Academic Conference on the Future of Game Design and Technology in London, Ontario, Canada, October, 2006. (Won second place in best future game talent award.)

Audience Reach:

  • Available online since January 2006.


A proof-of-concept prototye for Snow Day was created as part of my TC445 Digital Game Design course at Michigan State University. After the course, the prototype was expanded, polished, and balanced, resulting in this version of Snow Day. I served as the game producer and collaborated with the team on game design, including Jen DeFore, Yun Liu, and Jay Shurtliff. I also collaborated with Yun Liu on programming.


Snow Day is available to play online.