Game Project


The Microbe Zoo allows users to visit and learn about microorganisms in their native habitats.

The Microbe Zoo 2


The Microbe Zoo invites young people to actively explore the hidden world of microbes through an appealing, fun, game-like environment. Rather than visit the "Lion House" or the "Monkey House," learners go to microbe habitats such as dirt, water, and inside of humans and animals. At the "Snack Shop," you can look at the microbes that live in snacks, rather than eating snacks.


  • SCILINKS, National Science Teachers Association, November, 2001 and May, 2002
  • Reviewed in the Journal of Biological Education, March 2002
  • Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites Award for educational excellence for May, 2002
  • Added to the MERLOT distinguished, high-quality learning materials collection, February, 2002
  • Selected in 2002 by WorldSpace African Educational Support project as one of 40 web sites to cache locally at participating schools throughout Africa for faster access.


  • Revision funded internally by the Communication Technology Lab.


During the summer of 2000 I worked on a team that revised the Microbe Zoo CD-ROM and web site. (The original CD-ROM and web site was created in 1996.) I served as project manager, sole programmer, and interface designer on the project working with Susanna Tellschow, the art director, and Cathy McGowan, the content expert. The revision of the software enhanced the interface, expanded the content, added additional multimedia elements, including the Microbe Guide character, and revised the software to work with the latest operating systems.


The Microbe Zoo CD-ROM is available for commercial sale and the Web site is available on the Internet.