Interactive Health Communication Project


The Blood Explorer provides a job aid for clinical laboratory scientists through innovative searching, viewing, and comparing tools of peripheral blood smears.
Peripheral Blood Explorer: A Computerized Atlas of Peripheral Blood Smears


The goal of this project was to design and create a computerized atlas of peripheral blood smears that could be used as a job aid for practicing clinical laboratory scientists (CLS). Current computerized hematology atlases are typically designed as tutorials resulting in a number of shortcomings for optimal CLS use in the workplace. This computerized atlas has many advantages over previous computerized atlases. These advantages include a unique cell-feature search, a compare section, and a cumulative history of searches. The atlas has proven functional in the laboratory based on pilot test results.


Peer Reviewed Poster Presentations

  • Montgomery, M., Winn, B., Doig, K. “Computerized Atlas of Peripheral Blood Smears as a Job Aid.” Poster presentation and atlas demonstration. Clinical Laboratory Educators’ Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 6-8, 2003


  • Montgomery, M., Winn, B., Doig, K. “Computerized Atlas of Peripheral Blood Smears as a Job Aid.” Graduate student poster competition – received 1st place. Michigan Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Conference, Romulus, Michigan, April 9-11, 2003.


This project began as a Masters of Science project by Michelle Montgomery in the Medical Technology Program. I was on Michelle’s project committee and worked with her extensively on the development of a prototype atlas for the completion of her MS project. After which, Michelle and I continued development on the project. I was responsible for the interface design and programming, while Michelle was responsible for the peripheral blood smear content and images. We collaborated on product features.


The Colorado Association for Continuing Medical Laboratory Education, Inc. (CACMLE) has licensed the final CD-ROM product for commercial distribution beginning December 2003.